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Anni A. Aslanian, Esq.

Anni A. Aslanian, Esq.

Family Law Associate

Anni has practiced family law since being sworn in. She works diligently to protect her client’s financial, legal, and custodial rights, while informing them of each and every step and possibility. Anni knows knowledge is power and wants her clients to make fully informed decisions. She also wants to empower those who are beginning a new chapter in their lives, as she understands that her clients are going through a difficult time. 

In custody matters, Anni appreciates and focuses on the number one priority: children’s well-being and stability. She works intently on settling high-conflict cases and focuses on working towards reasonable and fair resolutions to minimize stress and hardship. 

Anni attended the prestigious 2-year SCALE program at Southwestern Law School. She was a Dean’s Fellow, an elite program of a group of students with exemplary academics who serve as teaching students for lower division students. 

During Law School, Anni clerked for the longest standing Family Law Judge in Los Angeles County, the Honorable Judge Harvey Silberman. This experience provided insight into the complexities of Family Law, how to argue any type of custodial matter, and understanding the decision-making process of Judges. This valuable and rare experience and time spent with Judge Silberman and the court included sitting in on in chamber discussions, reviewing arguments and rationale of both attorneys and judges, and how to approach various types of cases from all walks of life. Anni also enjoyed and furthered her skills in settlement and negotiating, a high priority in Family Law, during her time at the Pasadena Court House, as she was a finalist at Southwestern’s Negotiations Honor’s Program.

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