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Resolving Paternity Disputes With The Assistance Of A Lawyer

If you are involved in a paternity dispute or have a paternity-related legal matter that you require assistance with, contact our El Segundo, CA paternity lawyer today. Matthew Skarin has experience assisting clients in Southern California for over 10 years, and he is prepared to use his knowledge and experience to help you resolve your paternity case. Our lawyer can help you determine paternity and navigate all the legal implications that come with the outcome of a paternity test. To discuss your situation with our lawyer and discover how we can assist you with your case, contact Skarin Law Group today to schedule a consultation. 

How Our Paternity Lawyer Can Help You

Our dedicated El Segundo paternity attorney is here to help you either prove or disprove paternity in as efficient and effective a manner as possible and to then assist with the legal implications of the result of paternity. If you are seeking to prove your paternity, we can help you navigate the testing process and its aftermath. If you are seeking to prove paternity in another individual, we can assist with locating the individual and obtaining a paternity test.

If you are seeking a paternity test to prove that you are the father of a child, we can help you with the important decisions that must be made in the event paternity is established. Considerations such as custody and visitation, as well as important financial decisions must be made, and our lawyer will ensure that all laws and regulations are followed in this decision-making process. We will help all parties come to an agreement on both legal and physical custody, visitation rights, child support, relocation, tax considerations, and more. 

If you are seeking to establish paternity in another figure, we can assist with the aftermath of determining their responsibilities and the child’s benefits if their paternity is confirmed. This process can involve disclosure of medical records, examining assets and inheritance, insurance considerations, child support, tax dependency claims, and more. Our experienced paternity lawyer will ensure that all important decisions and legal matters are considered and addressed within the process of determining paternity.  

The Importance Of Professional Representation

No matter if you are seeking to establish your own paternity, establish the paternity of another individual, or dispute claims of paternity made towards you, receiving assistance from our dedicated California paternity lawyer is crucial. Paternity cases can be particularly difficult, especially if contentious disputes are involved. Our lawyer has experience assisting clients with amicable and contentious paternity cases, and we will aggressively pursue the truth in your paternity matter. We will then provide important legal assistance in the aftermath of the determination of paternity to ensure that your rights and the rights and best interests of the child or children involved are protected.

If you are involved in a paternity dispute and are seeking assistance, do not hesitate to reach out. These cases involve extremely important and timely decisions, and obtaining legal assistance as soon as possible is beneficial for all involved parties. To learn more about how we can assist with your paternity case, contact Skarin Law Group today.

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