Amy S.

His frank, completely transparent approach to the law is refreshing. You will be in good hands with Mr. Skarin and his team.

Tezba Khasipe

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Chaim S.

Matt and Erin were extremely helpful. I am grateful for the team for helping me through my divorce. THANKS!

Rachel C.

He is smart, thorough, and I very highly recommend Skarin Law Group.

Bruce D.

matt Baird with me giving me the legal service I needed to put my mind at ease and alleviate my stress I couldn’t have been more grateful .


That Mr. Skarin got him to commit to a schedule was huge deal to me – and for which I am hugely grateful to him. Talk about a turn around!!

AlwaysSunny I.

Matt Skarin tirelessly worked towards completely the goals that I deemed necessary. If you check around, they are few and far between.

Lee K.

I am grateful for Matt & his team who supported me through my divorce. THANK YOU!