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Understanding Spousal Support

If you require assistance with an issue related to spousal support in a divorce or separation, our El Segundo, CA spousal support lawyer can help you. We know how complicated and important the determination of spousal support can be, and we will work hard to help you work towards the best possible outcome to your case. Matthew Skarin has been assisting clients in the Los Angeles area for over a decade. With his extensive knowledge of and experience with family law, he can help you navigate your case with the sensitivity, personalization, and care that it requires. To discuss your situation with our lawyer and determine how we can assist you with your spousal support related matter, contact Skarin Law Group today.

Spousal Support Conditions

Spousal support, or alimony, may come into effect in cases involving divorce, legal separation, annulment, or a domestic violence restraining order. Our El Segundo spousal support attorney will help you petition the court for spousal support if you wish to do so. The amount and duration of payments will depend on a variety of factors, including the length of the marriage. Marriages that lasted for less than 10 years will result in spousal support for no longer than half of the length of the marriage. A marriage that lasts for at least 10 years is known as a marriage of long duration, and this support may not have a definite end date until the provider of support retires. If the partner receiving support remarries, spousal support will be terminated unless agreed on by both of the parties. To determine how spousal support applies in your case, contact our spousal support lawyer today.

Determining Spousal Support

Our CA spousal support lawyer knows that there are a variety of factors that go into determining the amount of spousal support needed in a separation, and he is dedicated to undertaking a complicated analysis of your situation in order to determine this amount. Factors such as each spouse’s education and income, each spouse’s earning capacity, the duration of the marriage, the lifestyle of each spouse during the marriage, and many other personal and legal factors are all taken into consideration when determining spousal support. In tandem with professionals and specialists including forensic accountants and vocational evaluators, he will create a complete picture of the financial situation for each partner in order to accurately determine the amount of spousal needed for your case.

Receiving Experienced Assistance In The Pursuit Of Spousal Support

Our dedicated spousal support lawyer knows how difficult the aftermath of a divorce or separation can be. Spousal support can be crucial for partners after a separation, but the process of pursuing it can often seem too complex or daunting. You do not have to take on this process alone. Our team will aggressively pursue the spousal support that you need to move forward after a divorce. For more information on our services and the amount of spousal support that you may be eligible for, contact our team at Skarin Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

Disqualifications From Alimony

An El Segundo, CA spousal support lawyer can help you stay afloat after your divorce – whether you’re relying on alimony or feeling some serious financial strain. Out of the 170,000 certified attorneys in California, less than 1,500 of those lawyers are family law specialists. And of that 1,500, only one is also a CPA. With this knowledge and experience, the team at Skarin Law Group is ready to keep you informed. 

Duration Of The Marriage

One key factor that often influences alimony decisions is the duration of the marriage. Shorter marriages may result in no alimony award or a limited period of support. Typically, if a marriage lasted less than a few years, courts might deem alimony unnecessary, assuming both parties can financially support themselves as they did before the marriage.

Economic Self-Sufficiency

The purpose of alimony is to support a spouse who cannot maintain the marital standard of living on their own. If a court determines that a spouse is economically self-sufficient, meaning they have adequate income or assets to support themselves without assistance, alimony might not be awarded. 

Remarriage Of The Recipient

Remarriage of the recipient spouse generally terminates the obligation to pay future alimony. This is based on the assumption that the financial support of the new spouse replaces the need for support from the ex-spouse. Each state has specific laws regarding the effect of remarriage on alimony, and some might even consider the cohabitation of the recipient with a new partner as a basis for terminating alimony.

Misconduct Leading To Divorce

In some jurisdictions, marital misconduct may affect alimony awards. If the divorce is the result of misconduct by the spouse seeking alimony, such as adultery or abuse, the court may consider this behavior when making a decision about alimony. Courts may find that awarding support to a spouse who is at fault undermines the purpose of alimony.

Lack Of Financial Need

If the spouse requesting alimony does not demonstrate a need for financial support, the court may deny their request. Alimony is not intended as a reward or punishment; it is meant to prevent one spouse from experiencing a significant decline in their standard of living as a direct result of the divorce.

Adequate Property Division

Sometimes, the division of marital property can provide sufficient resources for both spouses to start their post-divorce lives independently. If the property division awards substantial assets to the spouse seeking alimony, this may disqualify them from receiving spousal support. If you’re unsure about what qualifies as marital property, your spousal support attorney can fill you in on the details.

How Skarin Law Group Can Help

If you have questions about alimony or concerns about how it might be impacted by your situation, Skarin Law Group is here to help. We understand the complexities of divorce and spousal support issues, and we are committed to providing our clients with knowledgeable guidance and advocacy.

Contact us today to discuss your case and learn how we can assist you in understanding and addressing potential disqualifications for alimony. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive fair treatment in your divorce proceedings and that your financial future is secure. Schedule a consultation with a spousal support lawyer from our office to get started.

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