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Legal Assistance With Child Support Obligations

If you require assistance determining obligations of child support, our El Segundo, CA child support lawyer can help you. We know that determining child support can be a sensitive and complicated process, with a variety of factors to consider. Matthew Skarin has over a decade’s worth of experience assisting clients in Los Angeles County, and he is prepared to use this knowledge and experience to help you with your case. To discover how we can assist you, contact our team at Skarin Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

Determining Child Support

Our El Segundo child support attorney provides comprehensive service in analyzing your situation, gathering necessary evidence and documents, and assisting with a determination of child support. Determining the amount of child support that a parent is obliged to pay includes an in-depth analysis of each parent’s income and the amount of time that the child spends with each parent. All necessary and possible expenses related to the child or children must also be considered. Basic necessities are, of course, included, but expenses like education, entertainment, transportation, and more must also be taken into account when deciding child support. In tandem with experienced professionals such as accountants and tax specialists, our child support lawyer will help you discover all the necessary information and determine the child support obligation for each parent.

Re-Evaluating Child Support Obligations

Updating child support agreements can be an important task for situations that are constantly changing and evolving. Keeping track of the child’s changing needs is important for both parents to ensure that their initial child support agreement is still sufficient or to determine that it should be modified. Our California child support lawyer can provide valuable assistance if you believe that your needs or the needs of your child have changed and the amount of child support should increase or decrease. Whether it be due to an increase in financial investment needed for a growing child, the provider of child support loses their job or has their income affected in another way, or for any other reason, we are here to help. 

Collecting Child Support Arrears

Our experienced child support lawyer can also assist with the collection of child support arrears if the party obligated to pay child support has not been meeting their required payments. Our team will work hard to ensure that you are receiving the support that you need and are legally owed. 

The Importance Of Professional Representation

Child support cases involve a series of complex analyses and decisions. We know that this can be a stressful and difficult process, and we are here to help take the burden off of your shoulders and do the hard work for you, giving you peace of mind that your case is in good hands. We will work hard to protect your rights and advocate for your needs in tandem with the needs of your child or children. To discuss your case with our child support lawyer, contact our team at Skarin Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

Terminating Child Support In California

With the help of an El Segundo, CA child support lawyer, you can take steps to regain your financial stability. Out of the over 170,000 lawyers in California, less than 1,500 of them are family law specialists. Let the team at Skarin Law Group walk you through your next steps, and see how our child support lawyers can help.

Criteria For Terminating Child Support

In California, child support is generally mandated until the child reaches the age of 18. However, there are several scenarios where support may continue or terminate earlier:

  • Reaching the Age of Majority: Child support typically ends when a child turns 18, but if the child is still a full-time high school student and not self-supporting, support may continue until the child graduates or turns 19, whichever comes first.
  • Emancipation: If a child becomes legally emancipated, parents can petition to end child support payments. Emancipation can occur when a minor marries, joins the military, or obtains a court declaration of emancipation.
  • Change in Custody: If the child moves in with the paying parent, this can also modify the support agreement. Both parents often need to consent to the change or seek a court order.

Legal Process For Terminating Support

To legally terminate child support, a formal process must be followed. This typically involves:

  • Reviewing the Current Support Order: It’s essential to start by understanding the specifics of the existing support order, as it outlines the conditions under which support is meant to continue or end.
  • Filing a Request in Court: If child support needs to end due to reasons other than the child reaching the age of majority, the parent seeking termination must file a request with the court. This is usually done through a petition or motion to modify the existing child support order.

Documentation is crucial in this step, as evidence must be provided to support the reasons for termination. This might include proof of the child’s graduation, a marriage certificate, or military enlistment records.

Role Of Court In Termination

The court plays a crucial role in the termination process. A judge will review the petition to terminate child support and evaluate whether all legal criteria are met. This includes ensuring that the termination aligns with California’s child support laws and that the welfare of the child is not adversely affected by the termination.

During a court hearing, both parents may present their cases. The judge will then make a decision based on the evidence provided and the best interests of the child. If approved, the court will issue an order to terminate child support payments.

Considerations For Parents

When considering the termination of child support, it’s important for parents to think about the broader implications:

  • Financial Planning: Parents should reassess their financial planning to accommodate the changes that will arise from the termination of support payments. This may involve adjusting budgets or savings plans.
  • Communication: Clear communication between both parents regarding the reasons for and the timing of the termination can help manage expectations and maintain a cooperative co-parenting relationship.

How Skarin Law Group Can Assist

From understanding criteria to taking legal action, Skarin Law Group is dedicated to providing our clients with the support and expertise needed to manage their child support cases. Get in touch with a child support lawyer from our office today to get started.

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