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The Importance Of Creating A Prenup

If you are considering creating a prenuptial agreement before a marriage, our El Segundo, CA prenup lawyer can help you. Prenups can sometimes come with bad stigmas or connotations, but in reality, creating a prenuptial agreement is a smart choice for couples looking to protect themselves from the possibility of a contentious or complicated divorce and from suffering from penalizing or restrictive divorce laws. 

Matthew Skarin has practiced family law in the Los Angeles area for over 10 years and possesses an extensive knowledge and understanding of prenuptial agreements and the laws and regulations surrounding them. His experience and knowledge are crucial for any couple looking to create a comprehensive and sound prenup. To discover how our team can assist you with your needs, contact Skarin Law Group today.

Drafting A Prenup

Our El Segundo prenup attorney is here to help ensure that your prenuptial agreement covers all the necessary matters that you and your partner wish to include as well as to make sure that the document is legally sound. Drafting a prenuptial agreement first involves analyzing both partner’s individual finances and situation. In the agreement itself, provisions can be made to outline instructions for maintaining separate property, characterization of assets, liability of debts, joint use of property, shared use of bank accounts and funds, waiving spousal support in the case of divorce or separation, the changing of spousal responsibilities and obligations, and more.

Our lawyer has drafted countless prenuptial agreements for his clients over the years and will use this experience to help ensure that your agreement accurately reflects your needs, interests, and goals. Furthermore, with his understanding of California law, you can rest assured that your prenuptial agreement is legally sound and valid in the event of a separation or divorce.

Important Provisions Included In Prenuptial Agreements

Every prenuptial agreement will be uniquely tailored to the situation and needs of the partners involved. Our California prenup lawyer will discuss your situation and your goals with you in order to create an effective, personalized prenup. While no two prenups are the same, there are some provisions that are often included. These include considerations of assets, business ownership, children from a previous marriage, disparate debt and wealth, elderly parents in care, inheritance, potential increase in income, and more. It is also important to understand what provisions cannot be included in a prenup, including personal preferences, provisions regarding child custody or support, relationships with relatives, illegal activities, or any other frivolous details.

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When entering into a marriage in the state of California, creating a prenuptial agreement is an important step to take to ensure that all necessary information is disclosed and that both parties are protected within the union and in the event of separation or divorce. Our prenup lawyer has the experience necessary to ensure that your agreement is comprehensive, legally valid, and enforceable. To discuss your situation with our team, contact Skarin Law Group today to schedule our consultation.

Why Your Prenup May Be Invalid

Your El Segundo prenup lawyer can help you achieve financial stability, and it all starts with getting informed. Skarin Law Group is one of the only 1,500 family law specialists in the entire state of California – out of a field of over 170,000 practicing attorneys. We have the knowledge and experience you need to understand your next steps, and we’re ready to get you up to speed.

Common Reasons For Invalidity

Lack Of Formal Requirements

For a prenuptial agreement to be valid, it must meet certain formal requirements. The agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. Furthermore, the signing of the prenup must be done voluntarily, without any pressure or duress from either party. The timing of the signing is also important; rushing to sign a prenuptial agreement moments before the marriage ceremony could be seen as a sign of coercion.

Inadequate Disclosure

Transparency is key in the creation of a prenuptial agreement. Both parties must fully disclose their financial assets and liabilities. If one party fails to disclose significant assets or debts, the agreement may be invalidated. This requirement ensures that both individuals make informed decisions about their premarital agreement based on a complete understanding of each other’s financial situations.


A prenuptial agreement might also be invalid if it is found to be unconscionable when it was signed. This means that the agreement is so heavily biased in favor of one party over the other that it becomes unfair. For instance, if one party is left without any significant means of support or if the terms would cause one party to live in a manner vastly inferior to the marital standard of living, the court might deem it unconscionable.

False Information Or Illegal Provisions

If a prenuptial agreement is based on false information or contains illegal provisions, it will likely be dismissed by a court. Both parties must provide accurate information regarding their financial situation. Any deceit in this area can lead to the agreement’s invalidation. Get in touch with a prenup attorney to make sure everything is transparent.

Improper Representation

Each party should have their own legal counsel to advise them during the drafting and signing of a prenuptial agreement. This helps ensure that both parties fully understand the terms and the implications. Lack of independent legal advice can be a significant factor in the invalidation of a prenup, especially if one party is significantly disadvantaged by the terms of the agreement.

Ensuring The Validity Of Your Prenuptial Agreement

To ensure that a prenuptial agreement is valid and enforceable, both parties should ideally begin planning well in advance of their wedding. This allows sufficient time for discussion, full disclosure of financial information, negotiation of terms, and legal review.

How Skarin Law Group Can Assist

Understanding the complexities of a prenuptial agreement is vital, and ensuring that your prenup is valid can save you significant legal and emotional stress in the future. If you have concerns about the validity of your prenuptial agreement or need guidance in drafting one, Skarin Law Group is here to help.

Contact a prenup lawyer from our office today to ensure that your prenuptial agreement protects your interests and meets all legal standards.

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